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Gearstick in car

Semi-automatic gearbox repairs in Chelmsford

Contact A & M Gearbox Services Ltd in Chelmsford for expert semi-automatic gearbox repairs and diagnostics.

Accurate gearbox diagnostics

With a wealth of experience in gearbox diagnostic and repairs, A & M Gearbox Services Ltd can provide a quality service, and we have many happy customers across Chelmsford.

Semi-automatic gearbox repairs

Our team specialises in the repair of semi-automatic transmissions. This includes related components such as actuators, solenoids, and clutches. We have the skills and expertise to repair almost all makes of semi-automatic gearboxes. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly identify the exact fault and then advise you on the best and most cost-effective course of action. Our expertise covers fault diagnosis, transmission troubleshooting and breakdown repairs. 

Gear cogs

Electrical component diagnostics

In our electrical diagnosis testing we use the latest in electrical diagnostic equipment to accurately assess the functioning of your vehicle. This enables us to reach to the heart of the issue and repair it swiftly and cost-effectively, costing you less money and getting your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. Our tests and services include:

  • Diagnostic scans

  • ECU repairs

  • Mechanical unit replacements

  • Spare parts

ECU and mechatronic units

ECU and mechatronic units can be expensive to repair or replace. They can also be complex to repair without the necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge. Quotes can be over a thousand pounds, so make sure you contact a reputable business with a long-established and satisfied customer base. The average expected life span of a mechatronic unit (MU) is usually around 100,000 to 120,000 miles, so if your vehicle is close to or exceeding this mileage, think about getting your MU checked out.

Does your semi-automatic gearbox need to be replaced or repaired?

For free advice, call A & M Gearbox Services Ltd in Chelmsford. We also deal with manual and automatic gearboxes, plus clutches.

01245 450800  |  01245 467146

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